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Feb 242011

Thank you, Intel, Universal Studios and the FCC for HDPC. HDPC is a content protection scheme developed after the Blu-Ray spec that will render your Blu-Ray player useless for HDPC discs (such as those from Universal). Movie studios and recording companies have known that content can be perfectly pirated from a digital source since the CD (early '80s). So, years later, DVD comes out with no built in DRM (whose fault is that?).

Now, we have Blu-Ray (don't get me started - looks awesome, software nightmare). Was DRM built into the spec before companies started making Blu-Ray players (even though the companies that created Blu-Ray knew that a few people on the internet may want to pirate content)? No. If your Blu-Ray player was built before HDPC, tough luck - I haven't found a firmware update for HDPC. And speaking of firmware updates, who the fuck decided it would be a good idea to start manufacturing Blu-Ray players before the spec was even finalized. I have never had to update the firmware on any of my DVD players, but it seems that each new release on Blu-Ray has some new tech that requires a firmware update (if the manufacturer provides these updates in a timely fashion).

So the end result is that I turned off my Netflix Blu-Ray subscription. Too unreliable. Check craigslist in the coming days for a slightly used Blu-Ray player. Oh, and that Blu-Ray disc that would not play? Found it on BitTorrent.

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